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#Inorganic Substances

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#Liquefied Gas

For almost every application requirement we offer a suitable sensor including the necessary integration equipment. With insertion capabilities into tube sizes down to 10mm (3/8”) and with integrated temperature measurement it is very easy to meet the general application recommendations. Preferred installation lengths and almost all standard process fittings can be provided. It is also possible to install them in explosion-hazardous areas. SensoTech GmbH’s industrial LiquiSonic® sensor systems accurately measure the percentage concentration or density of substances in various types of liquids, solutions, suspensions and emulsions. They are also used to determine the quality of raw materials, intermediates or finished products. Sensors use ultrasound. Standard applications such as: Dry matter, Ethanol, Methanol, Bio ethanol, Sulfuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium base, Potassium base, Ammonia, Ammonium nitrate, Urea, LPG, Petroleum, Organics and Inorganics and many more.

Pulp and Paper industry

We do not compromise on materials: the standard version of our sensors is made of stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (SS 316Ti). We also offer special alloys such as Hastelloy, Titanium and Tantalum or various plastic coatings for chemically aggressive substances that require corrosion protection measures. The advantages of the measurement method are:

– Respond time up to 1 second
– Absolute sound velocity is a well defined physical quantity for characterizing different liquids and solutions
– Independence of density, presence of solids, conductivity, color or optical transparency of process fluid
– Installation directly in pipes, tanks or vessels
– Robust, all-metal sensor construction with no moving parts, no reagents
– Resistant to corrosion through the use of special materials does not require maintenance – Use at temperatures up to 200 ° C and pressures up to 250 bar, up to 500 bar, ATEX Zone 0
– Precise drift measurements
– Built-in temperature sensor
– Controller with “Data logger”


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Controller Ultrasound

The high-resolution touch screen provides best technical comfort and a virtual keyboard, including Latin, Asian and Cyrillic characters. A real time chart shows the trends and provides quick and clear information about the current process cycle, while the menu and display functions are clearly laid out. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. Password-protected user administration and a stable, comprehensive data memory for all process values and events ensure the traceability, reliability and safety of the system.

Controller Ultrasound

Various digital interface options allow simple device integration in any control system. Moreover, via a browser conncetion, the controller can be operated with a PC or tablet.

In addition to measuring concentration and density, typical applications include separation of the product from the carrier phase and the intermediate phase, such as liquids, sediments, viscous fluids, or the observation of complex reactions such as polymerization and crystallization.


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LiquiSonic® consists of up to four sensors and one controller. The devices are digitally connected, what guarantees high, drift-free measurement accuracy and interference-free data transfer at distances of up to 1,000 m (3,280 ft). Interruptions caused by wiring or extensive recalibration when a sensor is exchanged are now things of the past. The ultrasonic measurement process produces results of exceptional quality when applied in the field. It can deal with extreme processing conditions such as temperatures between -100 °C (-150 °F) and +200 °C (375 °F) and process pressures of a few mbar to 500 bar (7,000 PSI). The stable and maintenance-free nature of LiquiSonic®, as well as the minimal efforts for installation and operation, all pay off in the long run, especially when following a practice of continuous process improvement.

Online Systems

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Laboratory determination of concentration, density, polymerization and crystallization.

Laboratory system

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