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"Process Instrumentation Hub" EOOD provides products and engineering services for the industry. We perform activities such as design, construction, consulting, production, training, research, analysis and development of new technologies. Delivery, sale and service of measuring instruments, online analyzers, online sensors and laboratory apparatus. Sale of chemical consumables and reagents. "Process Instrumentation Hub" EOOD is expanding and developing. We offer services to support you with the most suitable solution. Our TEAM is made up of specialists in the analysis, integration, commissioning and maintenance services. Our members are regularly trained by manufacturers to always offer quality service. OUR APPLICATION SUPPORT for our customers in their choices and in the evolution of their needs in analysis, by providing answers to the requirements posed by legislative, technological or process changes. Our team works together with our clients to ensure that the best solution is found in the definition of any application and the engineering of the continuous analysis. SUPPLIES from individual analyzers to complete continuous analysis solutions. COMMISSIONING - our customers can be sure that the assembly and installation are supervised correctly and the equipment or systems will be working correctly from the beginning. TRAINING for use and maintenance of the technologies and equipment and respecting the manufacturer’s recommendations. MAINTENANCE contracts to maintain the fleet of its analyzers / sensors and thus guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment over time. PIHub also offers fast and professional support through personalized diagnostics with our experts by phone or email. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE thus ensuring minimal equipment downtime. QUALIFICATION - PIHub can organize all stages of the qualification process, as well as prepare comprehensive documentation on: DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ. FIELD REPAIRS - Our qualified personnel can act in the field, upon customer request, giving fast and efficient support including adjustments and calibration of equipment and systems. Your analyzers can be checked on time by a team that knows continuous analysis technologies, our service includes the supply of accessories and spare parts.

We increase Productivity, Safety and Reliability in manufacturing plants.