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Online Analyzers for Pharma Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.

The pharmaceutical industry has high quality demands regarding the production process. Inline process monitoring is therefore a key factor.

In numerous pharmaceutical applications SensoTech and PIHub provide reliable solutions for the monitoring of process liquids.

The following tasks are successfully controlled:

· Monitoring and detection of incoming goods

· Quality monitoring of intermediate products

· Control and Monitoring (dilution, concentrate, leakage)

· Quality monitoring of the final product

Most organic solvents are recycled in distillation columns. The recovered solvent is used for downstream processes. In this way resources are saved, waste is avoided and new solvent purchases are minimized.

User and Process Benefits:

  • Supply reliable and real-time data about solvent concentrations

  • Measure precisely the content in nutrient solutions, emulsions and suspensions

  • Monitor online the concentration of active ingredients, vitamins and proteins are used as detectors or to monitor eluate concentrations in HPLC processes

  • Detect phase interfaces by product identification in vessels and pipes control crystallization processes for the reproducible generation of crystal sizes and the purification of substances

Typical Applications:

  • Incoming control of Solvents, Acids, Bases, etc. (water, isopropyl alcohol, hexane, potassium, etc.)

  • Measurement of concentration of buffer solutions, water content in Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol, Lactulose in water, NaOH, Citric Acid and others

  • Phase separation of solvent / product – oils / water, Ethanol / plant extracts and others

  • Recovery of solvents such as Methanol / Tetrahydrofuran in water, Acetonitrile / Methyl tert-butyl ether in water and others

  • Crystallization of active ingredients in organic solvents, target crystallization, characterization of new substances, determination of saturation, crystallization, content of Salicylic acid in Ethanol and others

  • Suspensions, precipitation of Iboprofen / Ethanol in water, particles in salt water and others

This enables efficient process control and increased process safety. Even in aggressive process liquids, LiquiSonic® systems are robust and aintenance-free.

Online Analyzers for Pharma Industry. Sensors for Process Automation. Online Analyzers for Pharma Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.

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