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Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV) Analyzer System

Measuring H2O2 and H2O Under Ambient or Vacuum Conditions

Guided Wave's HPV analyzer is a simple turnkey solution for the measurement of hydrogen peroxide and water (H2O2 and H2O) concentrations in vapor phase. These are both measured together because they are codependent. The analyzer operates in real time, which takes the guesswork out of determining the H2O2 and H2O concentrations during cycle development and throughout the actual sterilization cycle. The user gains continuous, accurate data for documentation and validation.


Low Pressure Monitoring - Accurate, Reliable Results

Unlike chemical sensors, the HPV analyzer is able to measureH2O2 and H2O concentrations in vapor phase under ambient or vacuum conditions (negative atmosphere). Many processes use low pressure in the sterilization process to ensure penetration of product packaging. The HPV analyzer allows you to monitor these cycles so you can determine that the correct concentration of H2O2 and H2O were present during each cycle.

• Rapid response
• Multiple sample points on one analyzer
• Not subject to sensor poisons or analyte degradation
• Built-in validation available

Proven Technology

The HPV Analyzer system utilizes a Guided Wave multi wave length ClearView db filter photometer analyzer platform. Guided Wave has been measuring H2O2 and H2O concentrations in various vapor mixtures for over 20 years using near-infrared (NIR), fiber optic-coupled analyzers. Optimal wavelengths for H2O2 and H2O were selected to produce a simple yet rugged and reliable analyzer for this dedicated application. This new design uses fixed wavelength filter technology, yet still incorporates dual beam design for stability and accuracy. Fiber optic cables take the NIR light energy to the probe in the isolator and returns the non absorbed light energy back to the analyzer - the optical equivalent of vapor sampling. The HPV analyzer measures as low as 0.1 mg/L of H2O2 and 1.0 mg/L of H2O.

Sterilization Cycle Performance Validation

When sterilization cycle performance validation is required the G-SST probe can be inserted inside of the isolation chamber to measure the concentration of sterilient during the vacuum (negative atmosphere) process. This makes validation of performance easy, at any time.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Analyzer System

Quick Installation Start-up

The complete system consists of an HPV analyzer, one or two G-SST probes, and a pair of fiber optic cables for each probe. The HPV analyzer is calibrated at the factory. No programming is required by the user. Start-up requires powering the HPV analyzer, connecting the probe or probes via the fiber optic cables, taking a ZERO reading in the dehumidified isolator and the H2O2 and H2O concentration measurements may begin.

Easy Operation and Control

The HPV analyzer is controlled via its touch screen or remotely via Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP). All of the analytical calculations are encoded in the software.

HPV Analyzer Optional Enclosures

Typically for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, the HPV analyzer may be housed in a stainless steel enclosure. Other enclosure options are available, such as, painted carbon steel, explosion-proof or purged depending on area classification requirements.


The Smart Choice for Reliable HPV Measurement

Guided Wave’s HPV analyzer system delivers accurate, real time H2O2 and H2O measurement results. Its long term stability and no maintenance requirements make it a cost effective, smart choice to help optimize production and ensure product quality ultimately enhancing profitability. An ISO 9001 certified company, Guided Wave maintains expert technical support and responsive global service for the lifetime of the system.