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LAB NIR-O Full Spectrum Laboratory Analyzer

The name NIR-O stands for Guided Wave’s Near Infrared (NIR) online analyzer. It is the core of a comprehensive process analyzer system that includes the spectrometer, one or more NIR probes, fiber optic cables, and OmniView™ scanning and analysis software.

Like our previous Guided Wave spectrometers, NIR-O uses near infrared radiation to collect spectral data from liquids, gases, glass, and polymer-based films. The spectral data are interpreted by the OmniView software to determine the composition or physical characteristics of the material all in real-time challenging process environments.


LAB NIR-O Complete Lab Analyzer System

The LAB NIR-O was engineered with the same optical components as the full spectrum Process NIR-O. This enables calibrations developed in the lab to be moved directly to the NIR-O field analyzer for seamless and precise data transfer with high accuracy and reliability.

The LAB NIR-O is a 6 channel near-infrared (1000-2100nm) analyzer. Both the Lab and Process NIR-O’s provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio, wavelength stability, NIST traceable wavelength calibration, dual beam optics and built-in diagnostics. The LAB NIR-O is compatible with all Guided Wave probes and flow cells which can be used in any combination required for your analytical needs.


Supporting the QC Lab

The Quality Control lab is often responsible for verifying the accuracy of process analyzers by reviewing grab samples. The built-in software of the LAB NIR-O allows engineers and technicians to combine reference values with sample spectra. This data can then be quickly loaded into third party chemometric tools such as Unscrambler for additional analysis and model maintenance. Often there is an advantage to chemometric model development or model validation if the optics used in the QC lab are identical with those used in the process. Additionally, using the same probes in the QC lab as the field allows for less spare parts.


Pilot Plant Applications

Pilot plants often find themselves deciding between a traditional research grade lab analyzer or a process analyzer developed for field conditions. The development of the LAB NIR-O was based on our NIR-O process analyzer, however components such as the air conditioners, not necessary in a lab environment, were removed. This results in a streamlined table-top analyzer that can also be used for pilot plant operations. An additional benefit is that the calibrations can quickly be transferred to a process analyzer when the project moves to a full-scale operation.

Smart Choice

The LAB NIR-O’s ability to monitor multiple reactions or samples with high accuracy and reliability in multiple environments make it a cost effective smart choice.

NIR analyzer

NIR analyzer

Calibration Transfer Allows Flexible Uses

Process chemists, engineers, and researchers will appreciate the LAB NIR-O’s flexibility to move from R&D testing, Pilot Plants, to full scale QC operations. In addition, the LAB NIR-O can be used for calibration development in support of a process NIR-O.
A key aspect for NIR spectrometric method development involves the issue of calibration transfer between analyzers. This is important if you are developing a calibration on a laboratory unit for use on a process unit.
NIR multivariate calibrations are often a challenge to transfer between analyzers since they can be sensitive to very small changes in spectral data. In an ideal successful calibration transfer, the two analyzers must be as close to identical as possible. Designed to optically match the performance of our full spectrum process analyzer, calibrations developed on the LAB NIR-O in the laboratory can be quickly transferred to a process NIR-O and vice-versa. The ability to directly transfer calibrations between instruments reduces the cost of ownership and the cost of calibration model maintenance.

Cuvette Holder Types

Guided Wave offers two styles of cuvette holders. The first is a traditional single cuvette holder with an optional removable filter holder for easy system validation. The second style is the customizable triple cuvette. Designed as a single unit it can accept up to three cuvettes simultaneously, the triple cuvette holder is made to order. At the time of quotation, the required pathlengths for each of the slots is defined. This customizable design allows the holder to be compatible with standard NIR or UV cuvettes and disposal plastic cuvettes or HPLC vials.


Optional Cuvette Holder

Guided Wave’s Triple Cuvette Holder or traditional single cuvette holder are optional accessories for laboratory work, calibration development or feasibility studies. Either style of cuvette holder works alongside the LAB NIR-O for collecting high-quality spectral data. By using two or more cuvette holders or probes and SMA 905 channel connections, various applications or software configurations can be tested without any sample contamination.