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Benchtop 508plus UV-VIS Process Analyzer – Spectrometer

Guided Wave’s Benchtop 508plus is a single-channel version of our popular M508plus process analyzer. The Benchtop 508plus is a fiber optic, UV-Vis spectrometer system packaged for use in either laboratory or pilot plant environments. The small size allows for use in many locations. In monitoring mode, up to 16 parameters may be measured, making it suitable for many applications in chemical and polymer plants, refining and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals, paints and varnishes, adhesives, wastewater management, biotech, etc. The software runs on an external computer connected to the analyzer via USB.


The Smart Choice for Online Multiple Parameter Process Monitoring

Low cost per point - up to 16 parameters
Less maintenance - light source lasts up to two years
Safe - no hazardous chemicals inside the analyzer
Model services available
Lab-quality validation results (to ASTM standards)


Rapid data collection with enhanced diode array miniaturized optical bench
Analyzer control program developed in LabVIEW™ featuring customizable settings and trending capability
Modbus communications with built-in event setup. Optional Opto 22 panel and communications for 4-20 mA analog and discrete interfacing
Compatible with Guided Wave’s proven probe and flow cell products
Full spectrum scanning, 200 nm to 850 nm
Unscrambler® Calibration Model Ready (with optional Unscrambler® Predictor)
Simple B-Vector and formulaic models
Built-in Color Analysis
File formats - GW ASCII/BINARY and Grams SPC

Optimized for Guided Wave Sample Interfaces

The probe or flow cell is a crucial component of a complete analyzer system. For optimal performance, the sample interface must be “optically matched” with the analyzer and the optical fibers that transmit light. All of Guided Wave’s sample interfaces are matched to the Benchtop 508plus and fibers to achieve the highest possible performance.



Unscrambler® Predictor for expanded modeling capabilities.

NIR analyzer


L*a*b* and other color coordinates
Solvent recovery purity
Maleic acid in tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Trace (ppm level) impurities in wash water; Clean-In-Place
Polynuclear aromatics (PNA’s) in middle distillates
Phenol in cyclohexane
Sodium hypochlorite in bleach solutions
Aromatics in monomers
Sorbic acid in water
Ferrous chloride in acid
Acetonitrile purity
Hypochlorous acid
Antioxidants in polymers and plastics
Color and clarity of varnishes

Reliable, Rugged, and Flexible

By partnering with Guided Wave you gain the advantage of 35+ years of experience in online process monitoring and stream sample analysis. Our entire product line is designed and developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding production environments. The Pulsed Xenon source lamp used in the Benchtop 508plus has a lifetime lasting over two years.