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Applications for Metal Industry

Online Analyzers and Sensors for Process Automation.

Online Analyzers for Metal Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.In the steel production, the LiquiSonic® measuring technology is used in numerous process levels. Above all, to optimize operations. Therefore, with this technology it is possible to save process chemicals. For example, acids and cooling lubricants without influencing the surface finish negatively. Thus, the online measuring technology ensures a permanent and consistently high quality of products.

The sonic velocity analyzer LiquiSonic® is uselful for many applications in the metal industry:

  • Concentration measurement in pickling baths
  • Concentration measurement of rolling and cutting oil emulsions
  • Acid regeneration
  • Electrolytic galvanizing
  • Roller chrome plating

That is to say, SensoTech analyzers are ideal instruments for the rugged process conditions. Most importantly, encountered in the metal and mining industries. Certainly, The sensors allow precise control and accurate measurements. Despite, extreme temperatures, pressure and other harsh environments.

LiquiSonic® sonic velocity measurement in KOH solution

Online Analyzers for Metal Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.

The base material to manufacture photovoltaic cells are monocrystalline or multicrystalline silicon blocks. More over, These blocks (ingots) are sawed to silicon discs or wafers of defined size. In addition, surface damages and impurities are removed by wet chemical etching. Therefore, Special etching and texturing agents are used to optimize the wafer surface. Subsequently,  reduce crystal damages and increase the wafer life span. Additionally, the etching and texturing process has an advantage regarding energy input. The roughened, optimized structure is able to absorb more light and increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic cell.

Therefore, Various texturing chemicals can be used depending on the wafer type and desired outcome of the process. Typical alkaline etching agents are caustic soda and caustic potash solutions. Further, Acidic etching of wafers and silicon is done with sulphuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. After that, the completion steps are neutralization and the removal of residues.

Online Analyzers for Metal Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.LiquiSonic® systems can easily be adapted to accommodate various modified process conditions. More over, the Controller software manages up to 256 various product characteristics. Additionally, depending on the user access rights, these characteristics may be activated after the sensor replacement or when process conditions change. Above all, this concept ensures the return on investment, and decrease the response time on changing boundary conditions. Non of the less, for new applications, a complete new calculation model can be created by using process reference values.