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Applications for Pulp and Paper Industry

Online Analyzers and Sensors for Process Automation.

Online Analyzers for Pulp and Paper Industry. Sensors for Process AutomationThe industry of pulp & paper sets high demands on housing, electronics and sensor technology. Therefore, our application specialists fit our systems into process requirements. Because, all components can be adapted to the existing process conditions. That is to say, a rugged housing is crucial for protection and high mechanical stability. Depending on the sensor type our housings are able to withstand temperatures up to 200 °C or 392 °F. For example, one of the most important processes in the pulp & paper industry is the alkaline sulfate process.  In other words, where lignin is separated from the fibrous material. However, due to economic and environmental reasons, the chemicals used in this process need to be recycled. Therefore, in the recycling process the black liquor will be concentrated and burned to remove organic materials like lignin. This recovery process generates – in addition to energy – a smelt with high salt content. As a result, it is the base material for green liquor. Through causticizing with lime, the sodium carbonate in green liquor is converted to sodium hydroxide. Re-used in white liquor for the next pulping process. Therefore, by using LiquiSonic® analyzers, each process step can be online and inline monitored and set in an optimal way, for instance. More over, the LiquiSonic® system provides an optimized quality control. Above all, productivity  increase, especially through fast process monitoring while liquor recycling.

Online and Inline monitoring in pulp and paper
pulp and paper industryThe analyzer LiquiSonic® has a lot of applications in the industry of pulp & paper:

-Real time concentration monitoring of green liquor;

-Phase detection and separation in different process steps;

-Black liquor evaporation monitoring;

-Incoming goods control;

-Recycled white liquor control;

The LiquiSonic® technology offers customers in the pulp & paper industry, numerous advantages:

-Robust and maintenance free even for hot (up to 200°C) and high coating Liquors;

-No steam wash system necessary;

-No frequent mounting and dismounting for maintenance cleaning;

-As a result, reduced laboratory costs;

-Highly accurate inline concentration measurement of green, black and white liquor;

-Moreover, up to ± 0.1 wt% ideal lime dosage in causticizing
enhancement of operational safety.

Online Analyzers for Pulp and Paper Industry. Sensors for Process AutomationInline and Online analytical technology for:

– Concentration & density;

– Liquor process control;
– Black liquor;
– Green liquor;
– White liquor;
– Evaporator;
– Cascade;
– Gas scrubbers.