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  • Optimal plant control through online and real-time information about process states

  • Maximized process efficiency

  • Increased product quality

  • Reduced lab costs

  • Immediate detection of process changes

  • Energy and material savings

  • Instant warning of irruptions in the process

  • Water or process liquid

  • Repeatable measuring results

  • Improved process control

  • Long-term stability and maintenance-free

  • operation with no measurement drift

  • Accelerated return on investment (ROI) through

  • Low operating expenses

  • Integrated high-precision temperature measurment with accuracy of ± 0.025 K

  • Concentration accuracy of ± 0.05 wt%

  • Ultra-fast measurement response times

  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

  • No bypass required

  • No moving parts, gaskets or seals

  • Measurement unaffected by solid or gas particles

  • Measurement sensitivity independent of flow velocity, vibrations, fouling and abrasions

  • Applicable in any facility

  • Available in customer-specified materials

  • Same price regardless of pipe diameter

LiquiSonic® sonic velocity and concentration of urea in water

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Inline and Online Analytical Technology for:

· Ammonia
· Ammonium nitrate
· Nitric acid
· Phosphoric acid
· Sulfuric acid
· Urea
· Urea ammonium
· Nitrate

The sonic velocity can easily be calculated by measuring the travel time of the sonic signal. Therefore, with the sonic velocity the device calculates the concentration or density of the liquid. In addition, more concentration units can be displayed, e.g. Brix, solid content, dry matter or suspension density.

Online Analyzers for Fertilizer Industry. Sensors for Process Automation.

 As a result, LiquiSonic® is an Online and Inline analytical system for determining the concentration in liquids directly in the production process. More over, the analyzer is also used for phase separation and reaction monitoring.

Certainly, Sensor installation within the product stream means an extremely fast measurement that responds immediately to process changes. Our sensors may be equipped with all common process adapters and fittings and can be used under the most complex application conditions.

In addition, by changing immersion lengths or process adapters, our sensors fit into tanks and vessels of almost every design as well as directly in any size tube.

Because, the measuring technology is not dependent on color, turbidity or other optical attributes, the user will have no limitations, even under the most challenging application conditions.

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